We Deliver Premium Outsourced IT Support In London

Feature Packed IT Support Services In London

While some of the readily available IT Support London providers are highly focused on specific aspects and areas of IT, VTSG strives to offer a complete and comprehensive range of IT support services that can solve just about any IT issues which your organisation may encounter.

We are able to effectively offer this wide suite of support to our clients thanks to the successful merging of two of the best IT support companies in London – MacTribe and Network London. Backed by a combined experience of over 20 years, VTSG place the ultimate focus on customer satisfaction with the end result being an all-encompassing solution for all the IT needs your business may require.


We are IT support specialists focused on projects and support services for a wide range of Microsoft servers, cloud platforms, windows workstations and related devices. Our professional team are certified on Windows along with many other specialist technologies.


VTSG are not only Microsoft accredited, we also specialise in Apple technologies. Our proactive IT consultants are Apple certified and have the expertise to support and maintain your Mac workstations, mobile devices and apple business environment to a high standard.

Servers And Cloud Technology


We're also experts on all industry leading cloud services including Office 365, Egnyte, Dropbox and G-Suite. We support both on-premise server environments and cloud hybrid physical servers which synchronise to various online platforms.

IT Networking


We supply, install and support high performance and security focused networking equipment designed for demanding business environments. Whether you operate a small or large organisation, our Wireless and Ethernet solutions are tailored to perfectly fit your requirements.

Cyber Security Services London


The VTSG team are highly focused cyber security experts providing comprehensive security risk assessments, proactive penetration testing and fully managed cyber security solutions. Our mission is to help prepare organisations for advanced certification, including cyber essentials pro, ISO 27001 certification and GDPR.


If business continuity is your priority, VTSG are here to provide an effective and reliable disaster recovery strategy. We help organisations to design, implement and maintain onsite and offsite backups to ensure important business critical data, equipment and resources are quickly recovered.

Rapid Technology Deserves a Rapid Response

Business practices and processes have evolved at a very high rate thanks to the advent of increased technology. It’s fair to say that these elements have changed at a pace never seen before. More and more, businesses are realising that a solid and cohesive IT policy is imperative for their operations to flourish and be executed as intended.

While the ever increasing level of IT integration into a company’s operations increases efficiency, it is also true that disruptions can be equally as devastating. When things go wrong, expedient analysis and solution implementation is imperative. Having an in-house IT support department is the best option to minimise negative effects on performance, but not all clients have that capability or capacity.

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How Fast Are Our IT Support Response Times?

As an outsourced managed IT support provider, VTSG prides itself on being extremely efficient when it comes to addressing unexpected customer concerns.

Phone support and contact with one of our trained experts averages a response time of only 7 seconds, with close to 98% of issues being resolved in a quick and effective session whereby we can access your IT infrastructure remotely. For those instances where the root cause of the disruption may be more complicated, we can have a support engineer onsite typically within 60 minutes.

When it comes to keeping your IT system in prime operating condition, time is of the essence. With VTSG, our IT support team endeavour to minimise the impact of any failures and keep your infrastructure performing as it was intended.

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We Have An exceptional Track Record

When it comes to choosing an IT Support company in London, there are many factors that any business needs to consider. One of the most important is to gauge how successful an IT support London provider has been with their previous clients.

The VTSG partners are fortunate to have worked with numerous businesses in the past 10 years providing highly effective and affordable IT support, while doing so in an expedient manner to ensure the highest level of reliability and performance.

Our IT Support London Team Of Experts

Our team of expert IT support engineers are highly trained, and they seek out opportunities to continually increase their knowledge and expertise. Technology is ever changing, we believe that having the right skill set is very important to the implementation of a successful IT environment.

Since 2010, the VTSG partners have stayed the course with being among the most trusted IT support companies in London. Our success in our core mission has led to our longevity, and we have created an ever developing internal environment where we will sustain our reputation within the IT support market space.

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What Makes Our IT Support Different?

There is no shortage of companies that provide IT support in London; all it takes is a simple online search to prove that point. With all of the options that are available, how can you be assured that choosing VTSG to provide your IT support is ultimately the right choice for your business?

The answer is how we view our role in the success of your company.

Our customers have already experienced the highly focused customer service that VTSG provide. One reason for our positive results with those businesses is that we fully understand our role within any company – and that is to be an IT support service which has the technology and expertise to be both predictive and reactive as needed.

Our Philosophy

Simply put, we have the philosophy that YOUR business concerns are OUR business concerns as well. Our goal is not to just solve the problems which our clients come across; truthfully, any business that provides IT services in London can make that claim. We also take on the responsibility to be forward thinking and improve the areas needed to keep all of your IT systems running as fast and error free as possible.

IT systems and technology is the backbone of any business, and sub-standard performance can be potentially catastrophic. But the simple fact is that many businesses do not have the knowledge or resources to keep that backbone as strong as it needs to be. That’s where VTSG fits into your business model – we provide the ultimate managed IT support service to enable your company to grow and enable future success.

If you are currently using an outsourced IT company for your needs and are not satisfied with the level of support you are receiving, it may be time to consider alternatives. We invite you to contact us, and we look forward to showing you how exceptional IT support was intended to be.