Frequently Asked Questions - IT Support Services

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    What are our response times?

    We prioritise response times according to urgency and impact. For example, high priority and urgent enquiries are attended to immediately whereas non-urgent requests are delivered at a time to suit the affected users. In the event of an emergency i.e. server outages, network failures and other site-wide emergencies, an IT support specialist is dispatched on-site at short notice (within 60 minutes).

    Our support includes unlimited access to telephone and remote support. There are no charges for standard and emergency site visits, however, tailored dedicated weekly and monthly site visits are available as an additional chargeable service, if required.

    Click here for more information on our IT Support packages.

    How do we review your IT service?

    We have several review processes in place, including access to a dedicated account manager and direct access to team leaders.

    Our priority is to help you plan out long-term goals, prepare forecasts and budgets and plans to decommission old equipment and improve weak areas. Our helpdesk team are under the direct supervision of our service delivery manager who monitors all resolutions and response times, ensuring all support is delivered to a high standard.

    We’ve also put a lot of thought into our internal platforms.

    Our support tracking system requests feedback for every request which helps us to fine-tune our support processes. All users also have access to a specialised web platform where progress can be viewed in real time.

    We also tailor processes and procedures to fit your requirements. For example, new starter and leaver procedures, standard spec equipment requirements for departments and individuals.

    What helpdesk services do we provide?

    We troubleshoot all issues users may have with their computers and connected services. We also identify and track commonly raised queries which highlight more significant problems which could be resolved with a different service, project or upgrade.

    As an example, our support includes:

    • Assisting users with login and password issues – for example, email lockouts,
      connectivity, internet and network troubleshooting.
    • Managing, maintaining and troubleshooting email services – for instance, Office 365 and Google G-Suite.
    • Help arrange end-user workstation repairs and replacements. For example, the setup of new or replacement hardware (equipment/software costs excluded).
    • New starter and leaver processes and various layers of automation.
    • Maintaining Antivirus and security platforms.
    • Software and Operating System version management – for example, patches and updates.
    • Supply and installation of new workstations as required.
    • Lifecycle management. For example, end of life disposal and decommissioning.

    Do we support physical and virtual servers?

    We support and maintain all physical and virtual infrastructure including server operating systems provided by Microsoft and hypervisors utilising VMware and Hyper-V technology. Equally, we also support hybrid server technologies, for example, Egnyte Turbo and Azure Active Directory.

    Our priority is to ensure all servers are secure, patched and updated while also providing reports on any configuration and health issues. We also deliver on all routine support requests including managing access rights for joiners and leavers.

    Where server equipment is no longer dependable and falls outside of manufacturer warranties, we’ll do our best to deliver requests, but our focus will be to design a project to replace and migrate services to a better solution which benefits from the full scope of our services.

    How do we protect your business-critical data?

    Our priority is to help you plan for any scenario which may put business critical data at risk. We’ll help design, implement and maintain a disaster recovery procedure which also takes into account recovery time limits.

    We include secure back ups to more than one location for complete peace of mind, including robust onsite and offsite process for servers and end-user workstations.

    We also include several enterprise-level products as standard without any additional costs to you, including Office365 and G-Suite cloud backups and Backblaze B2 backups for supported infrastructure.

    How do we approach Cyber security?

    We provide extensive cyber security services which identifies vulnerabilities, proactively tests defences, aids in training users while also paving the way to higher business certifications, including cyber essentials pro.

    Our process includes specialist software which identifies exploitable equipment and software to produce a detailed report on the various outcomes.

    We also go above and beyond the capabilities of testing software to also identify weak points which may relate to external services. For example, checking all cloud services and supported platforms have two-factor authentication and all workstations and servers are securely encrypted.

    Our support package includes enterprise licences for several security tools which are designed to simplify security and which provide our team with reports whenever threats are detected to take immediate action

    Do we support cabled and wifi networks?

    We are accredited IT and network experts supporting an extended range of equipment brands and services.

    Depending on the capabilities of your existing equipment, our support includes:

    • Observing and identifying bottlenecks and security weakness.
    • Advanced firewall security which includes intrusion prevention, content filtering and malware protection. *
    • Configuring Video/VoIP quality of service and traffic management, logging and monitoring. *
    • Layer 7 application firewalls capable of preventing torrent and virus traffic. *
    • VLAN networks to separate data, phones and guest WiFi traffic in line with GDPR rules. *
    • Providing authorised users with remote access and VPN *
    • Protection from port clashing and disruption *
    • Secure WiFi. For example, multiple access point handover, tracking and logging *

    * May require advanced equipment, for example, Cisco Meraki and Ubiquity which provide the necessary tools to perform these tasks.

    Do we support cloud services?

    We support a majority of cloud platforms including Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, G-Suite, Office365, Creative Cloud and Egnyte. We also support hybrid on-premise and cloud solutions, for example, Egnyte Turbo and Microsoft Azure services.

    We generally support any cloud service which has reliable developer backing and a track record for data security. Whatever your requirements may be, we’re able to recommend a range of services which could drastically improve productivity or offer better features.

    Do we support Printers?

    We support all types of printers, including leased models with 3rd party suppliers. We also support cloud printer services, for example, advanced Azure Active Directory and Office 365 cloud printing for remote workers.

    We also supply new printers and printer leasing solutions, as required.

    Do we manage external suppliers and 3rd parties?

    We provide a ‘Single Phone Number’ service for all external suppliers of internet, VoIP and 3rd party providers while also keeping track of service renewals. For example, domain expiry, SSL certificates and extended warranties.