Fully Managed IT Solutions For London Organisations

IT Solutions and Implementations for Every Scenario

VTSG prides itself on having a reputation for providing its clients a diverse range of managed services to keep their businesses operating reliably and efficiently. We have a thorough understanding of the technology which comprises a well implemented IT infrastructure and we’re here to ensure you’re provided the right solution for any challenges which your business may face.

Our all-encompassing service is enabled by the partnership of two established IT solutions companies: Network London and MacTribe. Our combined experience allows VTSG to address concerns that include (but are not limited to) connectivity, security, cloud integration, and cyber security, among many others.

Data Cabling London


VTSG are network data cabling experts accredited in all structured cabling, including CAT5, CAT6 and Fibre. We provide cabling services to established IT environments as well as brand new installations where full project management, cabling design and implementation are required. Our data cabling services extend to all of London and surrounding areas.

VoIP Solutions London


We supply, install and support a diverse range of VoIP solutions which include innovative cloud-managed dashboards, mobile/desktop applications and handsets. Our VoIP packages include the latest technology and IT integration abilities, all the while remaining highly affordable.

Fibre Internet and Data Cabling


Our high-speed business internet solutions are tailored to fit both small and large organisations. VSTG is partnered with a vast assortment of mainstream wholesalers to deliver budget-friendly ADSL broadband, microwave wireless and laser internet solutions and copper/fibre leased lines.

Servers And Cloud Technology


VTSG provide tailored IT services and project management for new and existing server rooms, comms cabinets and data centres including air conditioning, physical and cyber security, electrical, data and rack cabinet wiring. However simple or complicated your requirements may be, our team of IT experts are on hand to help.


Looking for innovative audio visual and video conferencing solutions for your business, boardroom or school? Our diverse selection of on-premise and cloud products are designed to integrate within demanding IT environments where reliability and security are a priority.


Ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster is one of our specialist areas of expertise. We help organisations to design, implement and maintain onsite and cloud backups to ensure important business critical data, equipment and resources are secure and quickly recovered.

IT Solutions and Projects Expertly Delivered

Partnering with VTSG as your all-in-one IT solutions provider is guaranteed to give your business the confidence of having multiple disciplines of IT service on demand, all being delivered with the highest levels of expert professionalism.

The VTSG partners have over 20 years of experience delivering IT services to organisations in London. We’re highly trained not only with the technical ends of the IT world, but also with giving your operations the personal touches which are needed to ensure ongoing success.

Looking For A New IT Partner?

We're Here To Provide Ongoing and Fast Support too

A carefully implemented IT environment drastically reduces the number of problems which re-occur and ultimately reduces the high costs of ongoing IT support. Our diverse offering of IT solutions are designed to provide long term cost savings, and we’re also able to provide ongoing, affordable and proactive IT support to ensure your organisation’s technology infrastructure continues to deliver the ultimate reliability and performance.

VTSG deliver extremely fast response times, with an average phone pickup time of 7 seconds and a resolution rate of 98% within a remote session. We also provide site visits within 60 minutes where remote IT support is not possible.

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We understand that IT solutions and ongoing support can be a mystery to even the most established businesses. Do you find yourself thinking that your current managed service partner may not be addressing all the needs of your business as they should be?

If so, then we welcome you to contact VTSG today and experience all of the benefits that a premium and effective outsourced IT company can offer.