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    How do we manage IT projects?

    Our goal is to help develop actionable strategies to ensure your IT environment is kept up to date while also implementing technologies which reduce cost overhead and improve productivity.

    For example, strategies to replace ageing servers, workstations and network equipment, plans to migrate to cost-saving cloud platforms and other innovative solutions which save your users time and improve productivity overall.

    Our IT solutions all include complete roadmap design from start to finish. We plan all milestones, migrations, objectives and timelines to fit your requirements.

    I’m sure you’ll agree, no one likes surprises which is why all project budgets are agreed and signed off in advance before work commences, ensuring full transparency throughout.

    Project managers work closely with your assigned team members and end-users, ensuring all work is carried out with minimal disruption.

    I’m unsure which IT Solutions I need?

    If you are unsure which installation or IT services are required for your project, our consultants are more than happy to provide a comprehensive assessment free of charge.

    We’re happy to advise on different products and services with detailed explanations on their relevance. We are not affiliated with any specific brands so you are guaranteed our advice will be unbiased.

    What areas do you cover?

    Our offices are based in London which gives us easy access to all surrounding areas. Our installations team are also able to travel to a majority of locations in the UK.

    Do you provide fibre data cabling?

    Our fibre data cabling packages are custom designed to suit your requirements including single-mode and multi-mode optical fibre for long or short distance distribution i.e. inter-cabinet communication, campus environments over multiple buildings and public highway distribution.

    i don’t have fibre in my area?

    No problem, we are able to supply high-speed wireless microwave broadband, which includes:

    • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
    • Guaranteed uncontended connectivity
    • Quick to install i.e. within 10 days
    • Low latency making the connection faster than cabled solutions
    • Flexibility and scalability delivering the required bandwidth and latency as needed
    • Military grade security encryption

    what Link services do you supply?

    We supply, install and maintain services for inter-building links, this includes “line of sight” & “non line of site” wireless and laser solutions. Our link platforms provide reliable connectivity in even the most challenging environments.

    fibre vs microwave wireless?

    If you are in an area that supports fibre lines, you may still want to consider a wireless solution instead:

    • It may take several months for Openreach to install the required cabling, wireless connectivity can be installed within 2 – 3 weeks
    • If you already have a cabled connection, you may want an additional wireless connection to create a redundant, backup connection.
    • Wireless connectivity naturally operates over low-latency, making it quicker than cabled solutions
    • Wireless offers similar bandwidth and performance advantages, including 99.999% uptime and military grade encryption

    What data centre services do you provide?

    • Data Centre Racking & Cabinets i.e. Procurement, installation, configuration, repair, upgrade, removal, relocation, spares and accessories, design and product selection consultancy
    • Data Centre Servers/Hardware i.e. Relocation, installation, removal, cabling, hardware upgrade, re-patching and re-stack.
    • Data Centre Cabling i.e. Structured cabling design and installation (Fibre and Copper), switch/equipment looming, pre patching, labelling, patch cable supply, cable containment installation (secure & open)
    • Data Centre Clearance i.e. Under floor cabling removal, equipment removal and complete strip out.
    • Security Services i.e. Rack level security, physical, CCTV, access control, biometrics, door entry, etc
    • Power monitoring solutions
    • Environmental monitoring solutions
    • Project management
    • On Call support services
    • Equipment decommissioning and secure disposal services.