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We Are An Accredited UK Cyber Security Company

VTSG provide an extensive range of cyber security services to small and large organisations in London, including in-depth security assessments, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and full-fledged managed security solutions.

Our multi-layered approach includes a detailed assessment to discover any cyber security weaknesses within your organisation. We are also able to provide several pro-active services, for example, penetration testing over longer periods of time to continually assess defences.

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16 steps To achieving The Ultimate Cyber Security

Our mission is to help our customers develop a long-term cyber security roadmap to create a resilient environment. At the minimum, our top 16 cyber security focus points include:

Multi Factor Authentication | VTSG Cyber Security

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA blocks attempts to access internet accounts by verifying identity through a secondary device. Ensuring MFA is enabled across all user accounts is an absolute priority.

Email Cyber Security

email Security Certificates

By adding a trusted security certificate to every email account, all e-mail traffic is proven to be from an authentic user.

Social Engineering Domain Spoofing | VTSG Cyber Security London

ownership of Domain variations

Registering all domains which mimic an organisation's primary website and email domain will help prevent social engineering attacks.

Phishing Tests

Social Engineering Honeypots

Creating dummy social media profiles will give awareness to targeted phishing attacks. For example, a LinkedIn profile for a CEO who doesn't exist which forwards to a security mailbox.

Layers of security software

Ensuring every supported device within the IT environment is set up with AntiVirus and AntiMalware which auto-updates, provides realtime reporting and responds to organisational management profiles.

Disk Encryption | VTSG UK Cyber Security Company

Enforcing Full Disk Encryption

Encryption proactively protects data by continuously validating the user, application and integrity of a device. Encryption is an absolute priority to prevent unauthorised access to laptops, removable media, and hard drives.

Centralised Device Control (MDM)

MDM is designed to centrally deploy standardised control profiles which remove any features built into Windows and Mac OS which are less secure, as well as enforce features which are critical across departments.

Advanced Web Security | VTSG Managed Solutions

Advanced Web Security

Add additional layers of security and monitoring which averts web-based browser and app attacks, as well as protects against access to compromised websites, ransomware 'command and control' servers.

Office 365 Email Backups | VTSG IT Security Company London

Office 365/G-Suite Backups

Office 365/G-Suite is not backed up by default. If data is accidentally or maliciously deleted, it's gone forever. Offsite backups allow the restoration of individual emails, contacts, calendars, folders and entire mailboxes.

Dark Web Monitoring | VTSG cybersecurity

Keeping An Eye On Dark Web Activity

Early warning services are designed to monitor compromised data which may have been stolen through hacked websites, servers or scams. Alerts are generated as soon as information relating to a corporate domain is detected allowing for security teams to remediate before any data or credentials can be exploited.

Security Awareness Training

Ensuring all staff are able to spot phishing and social engineering attempts and knowing what to look for when working remotely in public areas i.e. coffee shops and hotels. Our cyber security services include proactive security testing i.e. emulated phishing attacks to help solidify training.

Cyber Essentials Pro and ISO27001

Security Certification

Most UK cyber security companies are able to help organisations achieve baseline government security controls through Cyber Essentials Pro. However, we would recommend going further by adding ISO27001 compliance which is a framework to imprint technical and logical controls to make sure there is alignment with GDPR policies.

IT Security Training | VTSG Solutions

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM centrally collates and corroborates event logs from multiple technology platforms such as servers, workstations, firewalls, and wireless access points. SIEM ensures organisations can locally manage event log information to detect unauthorised access attempts and quickly gather evidence for any external or internal breach.

Security Information & Event Management

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

At the minimum, every business needs a system to continuously scan for vulnerabilities which can be introduced by new technology, updates, patches & software installs. Continuous scanning will pick up vulnerabilities quicker than point-in-time scans.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Checking all defences hold up to hackers is a priority. Penetration testing is designed to actively hack into a network to gain access to the data in a safe and controlled manner. This enables an organisation to find gaps in their security before a real world hacker is able to exploit.

Ongoing Cyber Security Support

It’s certainly possible for any organisation to implement all 16 steps internally, however, in most cases, the entire process will require a large investment of both time and knowledge. This is where VTSG’s experts can help, we offer ongoing cyber security services which are highly effective and affordable.

Our 16 step roadmap is just the beginning, our process involves a number of additional features which help manage risks, reduce threats and add the highest level of resilience.

If you’re looking for the ultimate cyber security service in London, get in touch with our team of experts today.